The La Vista Area Chamber of Commerce is a business organization whose activities create and sustain an active business community through an involved dynamic and diverse Chamber membership. This membership offers the opportunity for the development and promotion of its members' businesses.

The Chamber attracts, expands and retains businesses in our community. We advocate business positions before government, partner business and education to improve workforce readiness skills, and foster leadership within the La Vista community.

Our true strength lies in our membership base. Our Chamber represents large, medium and small businesses from a multitude of industries and professions. Such diversity determines the direction of our many programs. Each new member added to our roster adds one more voice to the collective strength of our business community. Collectively we can accomplish what no one business can do alone.

Our members can maximize their time and resources. They can dramatically expand their customer base, gain professional knowledge and grow their business.


2003 Women at Work Conference

2004 La Vista Days Schedule

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